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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Relactation Day 18

Alhamdulillah syukur Ya Allah...my milk has increased to 40ml (apprx 1.5oz?). I have been having 2 LDRs (Let Down Reflex) twice in one powerpumping session. 40ml..man that's a lot for me...


Starting from today, I will be having fixed pumping schedule InsyaAllah as I have applied for several days of leave for the purpose of relactating....Allah thank you for fulfilling my wishes.

LDR:  The letdown reflex, also called the milk ejection reflex, is set off by the hormone oxytocin. It stimulates the muscle cells in your breasts to squeeze out milk.
(referral: babycentre)'

Powerpumping: It's a one hour session of pumping, to replicate baby's nature way of feeding. If you are using single pump, need to pump 10 minutes on one breast, stop, change to the another breast and pump for another 10 minutes, stop and go back to the first breast and keep repeating the 10 minutes pumping session.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It is increasing!!!

After getting 1.5oz per day for several days, finally it increased!! Last night I collected 2 oz (in 18 hours).

Self-pat on the back!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Result of One Week

11/12 - 0.25oz/day

Alhamdulillah...perjalanan masih jauh..tapi akan kuteruskan jua...Syukur Ya Allah...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy me and less happy me!

Happy me gembira sebab susu sudah bertambah..hihihi from 0.25oz skali pam..sekarang dapat 1oz per  20 minutes session..Alhamdulillah...For someone who does not have much milk supply dan tengah relactate...dapat 1oz ibaratnya dapat 10oz...

Less happy me pulak kurang gembira sebab pagi-pagi lagi savvy kesayangan tak mau revved upppp!!! dah la masa tu encik suami dah pergi kerja...tengah-tengah cuba untuk hidupkan kereta, Ariana terjaga dari tidur...kecuakan!!! sebab Ariana anytime boleh menangis sebab dah hampir sampai feeding time dia..stress betul...tried few times..nampak dekat dashboard lampu yang battery menyala..sobbsobbb..terpaksa susahkan encik suami datang balik rumah pick us up...encik suami kata mungkin spark plug..kena tunggu weekend ni beliau akan pergi beli spark plug sambil major service sekali..how I wish I know more about car instead of tahu isi minyak (pam tayar pun pandai jugak, tapi malasssss) je...ahhh later lah belajar...masih malas

okay bye

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ex boss ooo ex boss

okay, ex boss kasik panas dengan menceritakan good good stuffs that happened after I left the company dengan alasan office jauh dari rumah. Haha..jahat betol...boss..pleaseeee take meee backkk...


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Rasa nak maki diri sendiri..I have restarted relactation calendar all over again...sebabnya? hihi haritu merajuk dengan papa Ariana sebab rasa die not helping..so mogok langggsunggg tak pam ko..akibatnya susu merudumm dummm dummmm...after a lot of discussion, barulah ku sedar, I am not the one with the problem. He also needs time to adjust with the whole plan. Lagipon macam la die stay-at-home-dad nak ada masa 24jam jaga anak kan? anyway...11/12/12is now my first day of relactation. So today is my third day.

On the first day,I did pumping ONLY ONE *tarik rambut*. So at 12pm, I got 0.25oz of milk :(

On the second day, I did 4 pumping sessions, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 9pm(power pumping), but at the end of the day total milk collected were also 0.25oz :(

Today, I have pumped for 5 sessions with one power pumping session at 3am and I have three more sessions to go...hwaiting!!!!! Though I know the result wouldn't be any different from day one and two, but I know I must keep going and not giving up.

On the other hands,okay, I really need to get things organized TT

My new set of plan after reading http://idahopublichealth.com/wic/files/relactation.pdf :

Physiological aspect:

1- Pumping session 8 times/day (I don't want to set the time, because if I miss the session, I tend to get frustrated and disheartened). Bought double pump but still using my Medela Swing at home and office cause the double pump, Spectra 3, I bought was out of stock and still awaiting for FabMom to call me to pickup the pump. The plan is that Spectra 3 gonna be left at the office (I don't want to burden myself with 2kg of machine on my back everyday!) and Medela Swing gonna be converted to double pump, and be used at home.

2- Since we already bought Supplemental Nursing System (SNS), might as well start using it TONIGHT. We bought SNS last weekend but since my husband was away on business trips and was busy attending dinner invitation, I kept delaying the trial session.You really have to have like 4 hands to setup this thing you know...

Well, the article suggested we stop using pacifier and artificial teats, and start feeding using cup instead but...hmmmmm..I need to get professional help with that. I never feed Ariana using cup before, so I am afraid it might goes wrong..and for the pacifier, well...I don't know..it's quite difficult, she seems colicky lately and kept crying for hours at night before falling to sleep. The pacifier is our SOS for now :(

3- Co-sleeping. Since Ariana first day at home, we already trained her to sleep in her own babycot because we thought it might be dangerous if she co-sleeping with us. Bapak die tido punyeee la ganas...takut terhempuk kepala anak. We tried sleeping with her in our bed, she seems to enjoy sleeping in the middle...dipelok mak bapak..tapi kami la yang risau...But we surely will work on this

Pharmacological aspect:

1- Get domperidone/motilium at the clinic after work today.Called the Mediviron clinic Cyberjaya branch and they said the doc can prescribe me with motilium. Hope this galactogogue will work on me

2- Drink oats+dates+milk shake every morning and before sleep.

3- Fenugreek tea

4- Multivitamin tab

5- Fish Oil

6- Any food that can keep mommy happy, and thus accelerate oxytoxin secretion..hihi

Allah please fulfill my dreams to breast feed my daughter until she is 2 years old........

Friday, December 07, 2012

First Day

My first day of relactation did not go smoothly as I expected. I had difficulties coping with the schedule I made due to my working nature which requires me to be ready on the phone all the time. I should be pumping 9 times/day (6am, 9am, 11am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 2am) as this is the optimal pumping frequency needed. but I skipped 3pm because I had lots of work to do (2 of my teammates were on leave, we were short of hand). Later when i go home, I got frustrated because by 7pm, my baby daughter, Ariana was whining, and my husband did not offer a hand. I had reminded him i have to do the pumping at 8 and 11pm. By the time he came to help, it was past 8pm and I was already exhausted. So I ended up sleeping through the night. :( I think the problem now is, i can't self-disciplined myself, and I am not getting enough help and support from my spouse. This relactation thing is so difficult. Anyway, by the end of the day, I could only got 0.5oz from several session of pumping.

Now I am starting to hate myself.

My checklist to do this weekend:
-Drop by baby one stop centre to get Supplementer Nursing System (SNS)

-Survey double pump. Currently using single electric pump, Medela Swing. I need double pump because 1) It will stimulate the breasts as if you are nursing twin. More demand, so more supply 2) My work nature won't allow me to be away form my desk for 40 minutes (at least)
-Kangaroo care session with Ariana
-Give a call to local lactation consultant.

I hope i'm having a good weekend doing my best for my baby.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Catching up

Yaampun...dah berzaman tak update blog..hidup lagi rupanya blog ni..kekeke...so many things happened sepanjang tak update blog ni...antaranya

1- lepas lompat2 dan tukar2 kerjaya, finally jumpa kerjaya yang menawan hati..dan tempat kerja yang best! serta dekat dengan rumah

2- tak pernah berangan nk jadik orang putrajaya...dan rasa putrajaya tu terlalu jauh dan terpencil..tapi akhirnya..sobbsobb..bermukim kat sini sat..

3- dah kawin dengan buah hati :)

4- lepas kawin, pregnant, tapi keguguran...I went through a hard time...blamed myself for not taking good care of the baby

5- lepas gugur pregnant balik hihi

6- dah pregnant tu alhamdulillah..berjaya beranak dengan selamat..dan mendapat baby yang comel (di mata saya)

After deliver, I went through another hard time coping with breastfeeding...haihhh panjang ceritanya...kesimpulannya...walaupon baby baru 2 bulan..tapi saya dah putus susu, dan seawal seminggu lagi saya sudah beri formula milk kepada baby. It was upsetting at the beginning, but as the time flows, saya mula berasa bahawa how you feed your child is your own choice. Nobody can blame you for not breastfeeding. Agak lama jugak saya berfikiran macam ni. Namun one thing after another, finally saya berubah fikiran. Atas beberapa faktor yang saya rasa besar impak kepada baby, saya kembali gigih nk relaktasi....so this blog will be my diary..and a note for myself that will be my motivation throughout my journey to relactation...saya harap proses relaktasi saya ini akan berjaya!!