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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On Flying Solo

Haven't been blogging for quite a long time..so many things happened, all in one time...most of them have changed my life that I don't even recognize me, myself anymore. I was so reluctant to face them all. But lucky me to have my loved ones. I know no thanks could equalize the efforts and time they have spent to soothe me. Thanks to wear for always putting up with my grumpy head after all the turbulences happened to my family. Thanks to Nana too for staying up with me till 5 in the morning to listen to all the heart-broken stories. So many burden have lessen since. Thanks to others who keep cherishing my life..mamast ira...and all the other gisuksa girls...for all the joyful things...maybe I've never told you what have happened to me..I can't..but trust me all the laughter you guys bring make me forget all the miseries even only for a while.
Yes, I don't fly solo and I don't want to.