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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On EPOing

Currently consuming Evening Primrose Oil untuk kesihatan keseluruhan dan kecantikan kulit.. wahwahhh cantik ke kulitnye? I took Naturalle brand's EPO 1000 mg, on the account that the capsule got JAKIM's Halal logo..for me, EPO doesn't taste good ㅜㅜ but I have to take it anyway since I actually has some sort of hormon imbalances problem la recently and it affected my menstrual cycle. So I went to the doctor, and was prescribed with ubat made of progesteron called provera, and the doc advised me to take EPO. So there I bought not 1, but 2 bottles of EPO. Uhuu tak sedap..tak de ke ubat yang rase manis-manis macam ubat batuk utk baby? I read somewhere on beauty forum, EPO will show it's good effects after 5 to 6 months..wahahhh lambat lg la baru boleh tengok kulit sendiri jadi licin berseri-seri.

Anyhow, some of the benefits of EPO are:

  • Help to lessen menstrual cramps and other discomforts of menstrual PMS, menstruation, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts
  • Ease the joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Prevent diabetic-associated nerve damage
  • Reduce symptoms of eczema
  • help treat acne
  • Treat Alzheimer-related memory deficiencies
  • Counter impotence and female infertilities
  • Nourish nail, scalp and hair
  • Prevent alcohol withdrawal symptom
*infos credit to herbwisdom

Walaubagaimanapon, it is best to consult to your doctor before consuming EPO as it is unsuitable for women under estrogen treatment, people with epilepsy, people under high blood pressure medication, or all the mummy yang still breastfeeding lagi. Anyhow, Sekarang pon tengah fikir nak ambik supplement lain like minyak ikan, or garlic pills, as well as maajun. OK tak rasanya? Ke tak boleh campur? And about the maajun, I read somewhere on the net, anak dara pon boleh jugak makan maajun. Any idea about this?

Monday, May 17, 2010

On Changing Blog Template

wahwah..under construction gitu..rase nk pingsan plak wat wat keje2 tukar template ni...yer la..mane la daku gheti psl html ni..yer...daku buta IT..:(( lagikan nk bluetooth infra red henset pon tak gheti..inikan plak nk main2 ngn coding2..ni pon google care2 nk tukar template..:(( follow step by step gitu instruction nye...wat dari kol 10 pg..kol 2 pon tak siap2 lg..haduiiii...yer la..selame ni inchik wear yang buatkan semua2 ni..iols tulih je..kalo ade pon sket2 jah..lain2 die gak yang kemaskan mane2 yang bersepah2..nih die busy lak ngn keje opis..ngn pindah rumah lg..terpakse la blaja..tp ghalit jugak buat mende ni..sampai lupe nk pi breakfast nk pegi lunch..makan kacang mengelembu jah dari tadi..wah wah..gitu plak dah..hurmmmm better back to work..

On Gmarket-ing

I was browsing through the internet when I stumbled upon Korean/Japanese-style-fashion-shopping blogs, and that reminded me of how shopping through internet, was one of the most fun things I did back then when I was in Korea. For some people, they shop through the net because of the security; you can surely trust the internet banking there. The internet banking systems are secured and scams are the least worries you have to think of. And some loves how fast they work. You pay for it today and you’ll get it within 3 days. But for me, the reason I loved internet shopping was because I could fill my closet with “my size of clothes and shoes” without any worries. Yay! Big sizes everywhere! And all the clothes and shoes were fashionable too.

Yer la..it’s actually quite difficult to find big size but considerably fashionable clothes here in Malaysia, or shoes. Or maybe I am lazy enough to find one. All I know, I can find cute sandals at my size at Vincci, but pumps? I don’t think so. Anyhow, I am currently falling for this shoe OMG! OMG! It comes in 3 colors; black, silver and gold. And I’d rather go for silver. Gold is a big no no for me and black looks absolute zexy but...nah never mind. They also has the size up to size 8 or 9 (kot?) but up to 265 mm la.. very panjang kan? Errghhh, but dunno how to purchase this one since I don’t have credit cards. I heard they do overseas shipping but need to ask the company first la kot…anybody ever buy Korean stuffs from Malaysia, please please tell me how to do it and is there any extra charges apart from the overseas postal charges?

Pic credit to: shoe market of gmarket

p/s to Kaka Gediks: ko mesti tau kan camne nk bli brg gmarket dr msia?

Friday, May 14, 2010

After One Year

Ye ye.. blog ni dah mcm idup segan mati tak mau dah..I know I know..dah lebih setahun since I last updated the blog. I even thought about closing the blog a couple months ago but wear and Yasmin told me not to. So, I sort of re-read all the OLD entries when I realized that, there are lots of memories here. Raya, jalan2, sedih, marah, happy moments. I am not the type of person who love taking photos in every occasion I attend, but my friends do. They share with me all the photos and I put them here. As the time goes by, I forgot all the precious moments but this blog still has all of it. So sayang to buang..kan kan? And wear also said that; bile dah beranak pinak nnt, bleh la selak2 balik, recall all the good moments, then cerita dekat anak2. This is my friend, your auntie/uncle___. We went here and there and this and that happened. Owww bunyi cam bestt!!! Yer la..this blog is some sort of diary la..I never think of it that way. But now after a few years passed by and I started to grow old and forget simple things, I think I should just make this blog as my diary. Tak terlewat lagi kan?

To catch up, 1 year has passed by and I gained almost nothing; say it my job, diet, and all..
ㅜㅜ But I am starting over again. Boleh?? berape kali da nk start over. Anyhow!

  • I managed to have 3 different jobs in 1 year. AAAAAA..rase pathetic plak..yes!!! I am still searching for hala tuju idup, what I want to do, what I want my life to be in 10 to 20 years...how I want my life to end up with...currently searching for the job that I really2 want to do..Hope not too late to find one.
  • Many of my friends already gotten married. Me? tengah tunggu cincin la ni...hehe I'm definitely gonna work my a$$ off to get the wedding that I want; full with pink and white fresh roses~~~or perhaps wild roses in maroon? but roses everywhere la...and not to forget the body that can fit the wedding dress ㅜㅜ
  • Still waiting for my bank account to have enough money so that I can buy Audi S4..or at least A4..:P ye ye..anak sulung umur 18 thn br dpt bli kot..tp..who cares..
  • Abandoned my cooking hobby, and turned my old hobby into much more fun new hobby; eating out...how happy my future husband will be, won't him?
  • Diet? nahh..don't mention that words to me...I don't even know what that means..kidding..wear mesti marah ni...I started working out lately..I gained XXkgs (menangis aku bace ni) lps balik msia..now dah turun few kgs..currently enjoying TAEBOing and RUNNING very much
  • what else? ermm sekarang dah beauty and health conscious? not yet but going towards that...I'm getting old after all..
That's all I can think of right now. Got to prepare stuffs to bring to hiking tomorrow with my baby, Syaz...yay..