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Friday, January 11, 2013

Pacifier aka Puting Kosong

One of the things that I did not want to do to my child was offering pacifier. But there's an old saying, what you do not wish to have, is what you'll be having. During confinement, Ariana had a her colic period where she kept crying all day long. My mother-in-law asked me whether I wanted to give her pacifier or not, but I was solid back there, I straight away answer NO, no way I'm EVER gonna give pacifier to Ariana. One month later, I was the one who begged my husband to buy pacifier to Ariana.

After hours of reading on the internet, we came up to a conclusion, we go for MAM pacifier as it has good reviews.

At first, thank God Ariana rejected the pacifier as it is different with her milk-bottle's teat. But we still offered her especially when she's fussy and before sleeping and at the same time, still praying she'd reject the pacifier and finally makes mommy and daddy give up. But after some time, she kinda started "accepting" it, and that was when I realized Ariana was sooooo attached to this pacifier *cry out loud*. It had been a big problem for us especially when going out as we always have to make sure the pacifier is around and have to wash it, make sure it does not fall on the floor and of course have to sterilize it everyday and all the time. So I decided to stop giving pacifier to her. I thought it was going to be easy cause she just used it for one month. But turned out, she'd cry macam kene dera if I took the pacifier from her mouth *cry out loud again*

But yesterday, this old makcik forgot the pacifier in the car and my husband went out to meet his friend. Ariana kept crying all night long and wouldn't sleep without the pacifier. When I was about to call my husband, he texted me..[don't cook, I go tapau nasik for us]...meaning he'd be out a little longer. Panicked mommy tried offering Ariana emptied botol susu, but she cried even louder *nangis*. Finally after one hour of rocking and swaying and zikir alternating with belting out some songs, Ariana fell asleep. Thank God. I thought I broke my tulang pinggang.

It is still a long way to wean her off from her green and pink pacifier. And it is surely gonna be a hard work. So mommies out there, if possible, don't introduce pacifier to your baby. Try to divert your baby's attention or try to soothe your baby first....Trust me, at one glance, pacifier seems convenient, but NO, it is not! Not at all!