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Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Last Saturday, me and a bunch of buddies went to Yeoido Park to take autumn pictures and picnicking. Our activity started at 8 where me and my girl friends prepared sandwiches and sushi@kimbab as our dosirak@bento@lunch box. We finished preparing the foods around 11, and left the dorm at 12. I was quite worried at first because it was really cloudy and it seemed like rain would pour down anytime soon. And I was right! The shower poured down as soon as we arrived there. ㅠㅠ~ Luckily it didn't last too long. And lucky us that the sun shone brightly after the shower. Yay!

Mechanical girls, while waiting for the bus

Nana and Pidot..cepat2 la kawin na...tak saba aku nk menyambut couple first batch ni kawin!
Kona maut..haha burok giler..tapi tak kesah..yang penting..notice that kasut match ngn basikal tu...
Gegirls lagi!
Tak sah la kalo takde gamba jumping kan..kemaruk katenye
Macam mak ngn anak..ㅠㅠ~
haha tak sah la kan kalo takde gamba syok sendirik...

Actually there are lots of picture taken by Nana and Mamast...but I'm very lazzzzyyy to upload it here...But Nana and Mamast already uploaded all of the pics dekat Facebook.

We left Yeoido Park around 5 and off to Jongno to have dinner. After dinner, we went to Coffee Bean Cheongyecheon and met Wear and Azmizal, who were also went outing to take autumn pictures at Geyongbukkung (I guess)..and chatted till 12 in the midnight!!! Gilo...Balik tu memang kepale pusing2..pastuh telinge ni terngiang2 je suare orang gelak2 sembang2..Penat! But FUN!!!! I love my friends!!

p/s: Gamba courtesy of Nana and Mamast

Sunday, November 09, 2008



Alhamdulillah..akhirnya saye telah lulus graduation project..saye dah bleh grad..wooohooo~~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Annual Dinner Part 2

This is the final year movie video..sangat sedih tgk video ni..menangis tak henti2 macam air terjun tau!

Anyway, my batch is called 70 batch because there are 70 members in it, and we are divided into two groups: final year student and 3rd year student for those who are taking 5 years courses. And 27th February is the date that we'll be going back to Malaysia for good. Happy watching~

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Annual Dinner Part 1


Just came back from Annual Dinner and Farewell Party...yay! That was the most superb annual dinner ever organized by Malaysian Student Association. The food was good, the performances were awesome, the hall was splendid, and as a final year student, I felt celebrated, as if we were the kings and queens of the night. Thanks to all for the best annual dinner ever. Bengkak mata sakit kepala nangis tau!!

My batch also made this gift-changing event where I gave a gift to Acap and Yok gave a gift for me. The gifts totally awesome!!! I really love the gifts. These are what Yok gave to me~

Jeng jeng jeng...yellow rose and a box!

The card which reads: Ratna.. Cari kijo cpat skit pahtu nikoh panggil aku deh... (Ratna kerja cepat sikit lepas tu kawin panggil aku ye)

Haha sure sure Yok! samo2 Kelate mano bulih tinggal dih?

Unboxing the box

First layer: Fried egg moulds..yay <3

Second layer: Measuring Cup and Spoon...yayyyyy! dah lame nk bli cup tuuuu..tak sangke dpt~

Third Layer: Cookies cutter~~~awesome! ini pon dah lame dlm wishlist

Fourth Layer: Piping bag and nozzle~~~ yaaaayyyyy...suke sangat sbb before mmg da ade nozzle..tapi semua saiz kecil...ini yang mate besar..bes!

I also received a chocolate tart and a chocolate bar from my friend Basz and my adik2 batch 83..Thanks guys..

Okeh..part 2 sambung later after dah dpt gamba dari photographers~!

Leaving on the Jet Plane

Assalamualaikum wth.

Tonight, I'll be attending annual dinner and final year students' farewell ceremony...farewell..yes it's farewell..Me and most of my dear friends will be leaving Korea soon. I feel like I am not yet ready to leave this place, to leave the memories, to leave my friends, and to start a new life. En Hanisan, JPA Officer has confirmed that we'll be leaving on 27th February. I first heard it from En Hanisan's secretary, Kak Teh. She said; the flight would be either on the end of February or early in March. That time, I felt nothing but eagerness to go back home. I hated to stay here. The studies were difficult and my final year project had been limiting me from enjoying my life here. But when En Hanisan confirmed the date, I felt a rush of blood to my cheeks because I was so sad. I was really sad. But the reality is life must go on. No matter how hard to do so, I must take a step ahead. I hate to say this; but I am already missing my friends.