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Monday, August 18, 2008

My Little Brother

A couple of weeks ago I sent a boxful of clothes to my family, and also Korean table sheets for my mom and my friend's mom. My mom told me that the box arrived safely two days after that. About one week later, my sister, Noli texted me:

She: Ko hantar alas meja dekat kak Noh(my friend's mom) ke?
:Ada berita sedih, amar main mancis dlm bilik abah, api jadi besar tiba2, abes hangus alas
:Nasib baik abah perasan api, x dpt selamat alas meja, kerugian lain aku taktau
:Tadi baru abah tepon, amar dok menangis, mami taktau lagi, die takut ko marah tu

It wasn't a small fire. It was a 5 feet fire, that it reached the ceiling. My dad said the fire burnt all of the goods in the box. Luckily it didn't spread to other goods in the room. But in the box, nothing was able to be saved.

Amar is my little brother. He is 6 years old. Too little to know about the danger of fire. I don't care about the goods at all. It can be bought again. But what I care is his life. Luckily my dad was there. I called my dad after the incident. Amar was right beside my dad, refused to talk. but before I hung up, I heard he asked my dad with trembling voice, "sape tu?", maybe thinking it was my mom who called. Poor him, he must be terribly scared. But at least he learnt the lesson.

When I was a little kid, I loved to conduct experiments with stuffs in my house. I used to put the palm of my hands on a hot iron, just to test whether it was hot enough to hurt me. It did, my palm was severely burnt. I used to be hospitalized because I climbed the aquarium to test whether it was stable enough to hold my body. The aquarium fell onto me. I couldn't remember how many stiches I had, but I did remember it hurted a lot.

Kids love new things, kids love to experiment those new things, as much as some adults love to. But the difference is they do not know what can be done and what is not. But they learn from it. I learnt my lesson. I hope my amar did too.

ntah ape2 la aku bebel ni...:D:D


Titicaca said...

wah! sunggoh bahaya...alhamdulillah tak teruk kena..setakat the souvenirs, although mmg sayang, tapi nyawa, rumah semua selamat..alhamdulillah..i'm sure he learnt his lesson. poor guy...

13may said...

huiii...bahaya bahaya

puterikurekure said...

kesian kat family ratna ye. alhamdulillah takde sape yang cedera.

budak kecik ratna, memang camtu.
harap dia belajar dari kesilapan tu.

Mak Su said...

budak-budak mmg innocent ek.. berani sungguh.

nad said...

aku tak tahan laa baca kau pegi panjat akuarium tu!hahaha tgh tebayag2ni